Building Resilience in Your Life

How it worksWhen misfortune presents do you typically fall apart or do you bounce back?

Resilience is about being able to adapt to life’s challenges and setbacks. It is about calling on your inner strength to help you overcome adversity (e.g. relationship breakdown, death of a loved one, stress, trauma and job loss), and get back on track.

Resilient people aren’t immune to life’s problems, rather they see pass the problem. They are able to recognise when they are not coping and get help, maintain an optimistic outlook, seek out enjoyment in life and look for the lesson learnt instead of dwelling on the problem and getting over thrown by their emotions.

To become resilient means learning to become solution focused rather than problem focused and there are many ways to improve your resiliency:

  • Increasing your self-awareness
  • Take time out to re-fuel and focus on your own needs
  • Knowing what is within and outside of your control
  • Look for the silver lining
  • Recall upon a time when you have shown resilience
  • Learn to be grateful
  • Affiliate yourself with other resilient people
  • Learning how to manage your stress

If you find it hard to bounce back from problems and your current coping strategies aren’t enough, then it may be time to get some guidance.

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